Scenes from the Mat
  Most recent paintings - October 2011 through September 2012
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I began practicing yoga (in February 2011) because I was afraid if I did not do some kind of exercise, I was going to ossify.

I began drawing yoga partly out of fascination with the shapes, and partly out of desperation - open studios was fast approaching and I had nothing new to show. Once begun, drawing has become a part of my practice.

There are no mirrors in the studios where I take lessons so I have little external perspective on how I am doing. Drawing, based on the physical sensations and on photographs taken by my yoga partner (my daughter, Louisa) and my daughter Hannah has given me a new way to experience the poses and the vinyasa, the flow.

I like how strong I look in the plank images, and I see the work I have to do to correct my alignment in warrior 2. I was surprised at how clean and strong my down dog appears. I feel the movement in the 'windmill' transition from warrior 2 to plank and the strain and tension in high lunge.

The deep absorption that creeps over me when I am drawing or painting feels like the gradual progression from 'intention', dhāraṇā, to 'meditation,' dhyāna, from conscious to unconscious focus on the the object of my art-making. And the sometimes uncomfortable reconnection with my body that necessarily follows the fading of an intense creative period resembles the gradual re-awakening of my extremities that leads out of meditation in śavāsana, corpse pose.

Yoga has give me a new sense of ownership of my body. Drawing that body, my body, mirrors and deepens my practice of yoga.


First efforts - July through September, 2011

upward-facing dog
utkatasana 1
warrior 1
half-pigeon 1
plank 1
plank 2
utkatasana 2
downward-facing dog
low lunge 2
warrior 2 1
warrior 2 2
ext side angle
Yoga doodles, my first experiments in drawing yoga poses.
various poses
standing split
standing forward fold
seated foward fold
half-pigeon 2
seated twist
easy pose
childs pose 1
half-pigeon 1
warrior 1
childs pose 2
warror 1 2

low lunge 1

karuna 1
karuna 2


I even tried my hand at a little sanskrit calligraphy.
Presumptious, I know.


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