Beacon Hill Meeting formed its Right Relations Working Group (RRWG) in response to Yearly Meeting initiatives addressing historical and current relationships with the Indigenous people of this region, and the ever more urgent climate crisis. Charged with developing opportunities for Meeting attenders to educate themselves, and for discussion and reflection, the RRWG worked through the Winter and Spring of 2021. This resulted in a “Minute of Support of the Letter of Apology to Native Americans” that had been presented at YM Sessions in 2020.

Over the next months we expect to support the Meeting’s continued engagement with climate issues and further exploration of how we might become allies of Indian people as they strive for justice and the restoration of their sovereignty.

This website is offered as a clearinghouse for resources, ideas, and especially action. Listed are some of the many organizations, political activities, books, websites, and videos we have come across as we have worked to become better informed and better prepared for the conversations with Native people we hope will come about in the not too distant future.

(The text of the YM's letter and the Meeting's Minute of Support are being kept confidential until plans for contact with local Indigenous groups are developed. Email us if you would like to see either of those documents.)

We hope you find at least some of these resources as engaging and provocative as we have.

Cultural Survival (newsletter)
“National Day of Mourning”
(United Indians of New England)
MA Indigenous Legislative Agenda

Moswetuset Hummock, Quincy / G. Bugbee photo

“Project 562” - photographs of Indigenous people by a Native photographer.
“All My Relations” podcast






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For more information or to contact the Beacon Hill Monthly Meeting Working Group on Right Relations email Gordon Bugbee or Lucy Meadows.

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