Recent Work

Last October, yoga teacher, artist, and friend, Amy O‘Connor, challenged me to alter my vantage point on my experience of yoga. She suggested that I focus more closely on some aspect of a posture/figure rather than the whole. It was a form of abstraction that I had explored and come to appreciate when taking a class with painter Gerri Rachins. I was immediately‘drawn’ to the idea.

After only a few sketches, I decided to draw, print, and paint my feet, one at a time, in various poses. The question for me became - how much of a whole yoga pose, an asana, can be reflected in one or another of the feet?

Most recently, I have been experimenting with painting on prepared yoga mats. The painting to the right is an exampls of that effort.

Yoga-based work from the Summer & Fall of 2011
up dog 1 utkatasana 1 warror 1 1 half-pigeon 1
plank 1 palnk 2 utkatasana 2 cartwheeel
down dog 1 high lunge 2 warrior 2 1 warrior 2 2
Figurative Work from 2010 & 2011
Darfur refugee
Mayan woman
Jahan Ali
Afghan Mullah
Turkish elder

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